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One of the leading Italian pharmaceutical companies

This branch of a well-known Swiss multinational in the pharmaceutical sector, a leader in the health industry with state-of-the-art medicines, is now one of the main pharmaceutical companies operating in Italy. The facility also serves as a significant hub for innovation, attracting businesses and scientific-technological research-intensive startups.

The challenge

When upgrading its purification plants, the company had to comply with discharge parameters prescribed by current environmental regulations for protecting the environment, ensuring public safety, and improving quality of life.

The project

Our technical team developed an intervention focused on treating the heaviest and most loaded wastewater streams. The strategy’s primary goal was to reduce pollutant concentrations and alleviate pressure on downstream purification plants. Reducing the organic loads entering subsequent treatments allows optimal operation, maximizing performance in terms of reductions and operational costs. This action significantly optimized the entire water treatment system’s overall performance.

Our team conceived innovative engineering solutions, customized to meet the plant’s specific needs. Each component was strategically designed to maximize efficiency and ensure the predetermined objectives were achieved. The entire plant was delivered to the customer as a turnkey solution, offering not only the effluent treatment system but the complete experience necessary for installation and commissioning. This approach greatly simplified the process for the customer, facilitating a smooth transition from the acquisition phase through to the plant’s operation.

The supplied solution

The plant, designed to treat a flow rate of 360 m3/h with an organic load of 2500 ppm of COD, includes three sections:

  • The first involves contact between powdered activated carbon and effluent
  • The second consists of a lamellar settling tank, which separates the clarified effluent from the solid part (activated carbon and adherent material)
  • The third includes a system for sludge dewatering

In accordance with the client’s requirements and industry standards in the pharmaceutical sector, all units (tanks, piping, etc.) are made of stainless steel. The plant is operated using a dedicated PLC.