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Leader in the biotechnology sector

One major Italian chemical-pharmaceutical company with a well-established leadership position in the biotechnology sector, turned to us for another customized solution, reflecting their satisfaction with a previously installed water treatment plant in the manufacturing sector.

The challenge

Their primary goal was to neutralize an active ingredient in wastewater by using an effective solution that conforms to environmental standards. This required an in-depth understanding of the chemical and biological specifications involved, paired with the ability to provide a tailor-made system that ensures maximum neutralization efficiency while meeting sustainability goals and internal quality standards set by the client.

The design would need to be able to handle variations in active ingredient concentrations to guarantee reliable treatment over time.

The project

In response to changing needs, the project took shape to address specific operational needs and challenges, underscoring our ability to promptly meet customized requests.

The client also required a turnkey product, including assembly and startup, and relied on us to provide complete solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The supplied solution

Our proposal includes specialized tanks designed to guarantee effective neutralization of the active ingredient via targeted contact with chemical agents.

Well-received, the proposal further strengthened our successful partnership, solidifying our dedication to providing advanced, turnkey solutions that meet their unique needs.