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Innovative biopharma company in Croatia

This Croatia-based biopharmaceutical company is part of a globally leading group that produces medicines, vaccines, and over-the-counter drugs.

The challenge

Specifications for effluent treatment at the Croatian facility were particularly restrictive. Considering the production and development of medicines, it was crucial to ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations and safety specifications in the pharmaceutical sector.

The project

Our team was responsible for the detailed design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning of an effluent treatment plant.

This project demonstrates our ability to manage complex engineering projects and provide customizable solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of major pharmaceutical suppliers.

The supplied solution

This project involved providing a complete solution with an overall capacity of up to 250 m3 per day to treat all effluents resulting from pharmaceutical production.

Two distinct streams, one containing organic pollutants and the other a high concentration of chlorides, are treated by a fully automated plant controlled using a PLC/MCC.