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Baltic Sea 

The client is one of the largest Polish oil companies, with this project focused on an offshore extraction site in the Baltic Sea.

The challenge

The client sought the right partner for a complete treatment cycle for injection water pumped under high pressure into the underwater oil reserve to fully exploit its content. The treated water was requested to be free of solid particles and oxygen down to the parts-per-billion level.

The project

Our team served as the one-stop shop for process and detail engineering, combining process knowledge with experience in managing the most challenging specifications, especially those related to offshore installation.

We provided a modular solution for this project, designed to fit into a very tight space and meet strict weight limitations. It consisted of a fully integrated in-house fabrication, from the vacuum degassing tower to the completely prefabricated skids.

The supplied solution

The overall injection water treatment plant is arranged in three stages:

  1. Coarse and fine solids are separated on a set of media filters.
  2. Water is degassed using our proprietary ZeroGas Vacuum Deaeration technology to eliminate the oxygen. Oxygen can cause corrosion of metal equipment and, even worse, could nurture the growth of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) within the oil, generating a corrosive and acidic media, spoiling its quality.
  3. The water is chemically treated with anti-scaling agents, oxygen scavengers, and corrosion inhibitors to avoid undesired reactions when different types of water mix in the deep reserve.

The provided modular solution was built within a 4-story, 25-meter-high tower structure with a compact footprint.