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Mutti, founded in 1899 in Parma, Italy, is the European leader in preserved food, particularly in the tomato sector.

The challenge

Mutti expanded their factory site in the south of Italy, requiring its effluent treatment plant to be modernized. Sustainability is a keyword for the company and serves as the fundamental basis for their selection of technologies and processes used in the production chain, thus, they sought equipment to meet their standards.

The project

Fiordagosto, a part of Mutti Group, awarded Cannon Artes the job of upgrading the existing wastewater treatment plant installed in Oliveto Citra (SA).

Our team is responsible for the process and detailed design of the equipment, procurement, shop fabrication, testing, erection supervision, commissioning, start-up, and training of client personnel.

The supplied solution

The plant’s design allows it to treat all water effluents from the tomato production process. This project is the first step in implementing a complete treatment process that should increase the capability for water reuse.

The plant consists of a de-sander for higher dimension solids removal and a DAF flotation to remove the remaining solids and suspended organic matter. Additionally, it comprises the implementation of an advanced automation system for the whole plant, wholly integrated into the digital infrastructure present in the factory.