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Princes, headquartered in the UK, is a leading company in tomato canning production.

The challenge

Princes’ previous water treatment plant used freshwater supplied by the municipal pipeline with a high hardness level and relevant cost. To reduce costs related to steam production and with particular attention to environmental impact, Princes faced this challenge head-on and started a project for wastewater reuse from the existing activated sludge system for boiler feeding.

The project

Water from the wastewater treatment plant contained organic pollutants and total dissolved solids. Our team and Princes were firmly convinced that Opex reduction and Environmental protection could go hand-in-hand.

With this mission and thanks to our expertise in biological process and membrane technology, we designed a reverse osmosis package equipped with low fouling membranes. This system enabled Princes to continuously produce a permeate in compliance with the quality required for boiler feeding (despite all critical issues related to feeding water reaching a high recovery of 75%).

Our team was able to be reactive and guarantee the swift delivery and commissioning of the plant due to the perfect coordination of all internal resource groups: engineering, purchasing, assembly, manufacturing, and after sales.

The supplied solution

The reverse osmosis was arranged on two lines, each designed for half flow rate. The package was also fully automated with a dedicated PLC.

Considering a wastewater flow rate of about 3000 m3/h during production season, the system was capable of reusing such wastewater and providing 90 m3/h of demineralized water to the steam generation system.