One of Cannon Artes’ most significant supplies was a complete water treatment plant for Cartiere del Polesine; an important Pulp & Paper Company located in north-west Italy, present on the market since more than 60 years.

Cannon Artes was awarded this job thanks to its long term experience in water treatment and its capability to tackle all the issues related to bad quality inlet water.

The main issue related to this project was that the only water source was from a river. Surface water had very changeable characteristics. During the different seasons and after hard rain, water quality deteriorated very badly. Cannon Artes faced the problem designing a pre-treatment with a chemical-physical process (clariflocculation) to remove colloids, suspended solids and other pollutants. The water then passes through a double step of filtration (sand and activated carbon) to achieve a quality suitable for reverse osmosis treatment.

This second step was designed on three trains able to produce 110 m3/h of demineralized water. Part of the flow rate was used for general utilities in the factory and 55 m3/h to feed the final polishing. This last step was constituted of two trains working in parallel. After polishing, the water had a very low conductivity and was suitable for turbine feeding.

The package was manufactured with a high level of pre-assembly inside Cannon Artes’ own Manufacturing center.

Thanks to the performance reached and to the high level of quality and reliability demonstrated, recently Cannon Artes has been awarded another order from the customer asking them to take in charge the revamping of the whole thermal room.

Cannon Artes strives always to establish and promote stable long-term partnerships with its customers.