Cannon Artes has provided a water injection plant to the largest Polish Oil Company for one of their offshore extraction sites in the Baltic Sea.

The customer needed a complete treatment cycle for injection water, the one which is pumped under high pressure in the underwater oil reserve to fully exploit its precious content. This seawater undergoes a double filtration.

It’s a modular solution built within a 4-storey 25-meter-high tower structure, with a very compact footprint.

At first for the separation of coarse and fine solids and then it is degassed under vacuum with our proprietary ZEROGAS® Vacuum Deaeration technology to eliminate the Oxygen: this gas can cause corrosion of metal equipment and, even worse, it would nurture the growth of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) within the oil, generating a corrosive and acidic media which would spoil its quality. Water is also chemically treated with antiscaling agents, Oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors, to avoid undesired reactions when different types of water mix in the deep reserve.
Cannon Artes supplied to the Client the complete equipment for these three processes, plus the engineering details for the modularization, that has been carried out in a Polish yard on the Baltic shores. One only supplier responsible for the whole treatment plant is one less headache for the customer.

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