Cannon Artes plant for Food and Beverage company

A globally present company engaged in vegetable oil production and other activities in the food & beverage market, undertook an important project to use river water for utilities feeding instead of water coming from the municipal pipeline in his factory in Ravenna, Italy. Due to increased production, the municipal potable water source became inadequate so the customer decided to use river water to feed all the utilities.

The plant requires 70 m3/h of clean water for the utilities.

The challenges of the project were the characteristics of river water and the necessity to install the plant outdoors. The main issues of river water is its seasonal changes in terms of quality and contaminant concentration (SST, Organic Compound and Bacteria, Turbidity).

Cannon Artes was awarded the contract for its attitude to work as “problem solver” and its ability to supply “tailor made” plants. The contract was awarded as a “turnkey” supply.

Cannon Artes, thanks to its skills in the design and construction of potable water production plants using river or seawater, supplied a step of multimedia filters designed with a low surface load with a chemical aid at inlet to coagulate colloidal particles and improve their removal with filtration. Cannon Artes selected the media in order to reach the best performance and, at the same time, to contain the frequency of backwash cycles.

Piping, valves, pumps and automation panel were positioned inside a container in order to preserve all the equipment from degradation due to sun radiation. Moreover, Cannon Artes supplied all the external piping with electrical tracing and with thermal insulation to avoid problems due to water freezing.

The design of the units inside the container, despite the space constraints, was realized in order to guarantee an easy and safe access to all main units for the maintenance activities.

Due to the perfect integration of Cannon Artes’ internal Engineering team and Manufacturing staff, all the equipment inside the container was supplied fully pre-assembled in its workshop. In this way Cannon Artes was able to deliver and proceed with the commissioning of the plant in a “short time”.

The package is running successfully thanks to the deep knowledge of Cannon Artes’ technical staff in the matter of river water filtration.