Cannon Artes has been involved for the design and construction of the whole water treatment facilities for the largest fertilizer plant in Turkmenistan.

The water treatment plant is fully designed and realized by Cannon Artes’ expert engineers and technicians. It is installed in a 10,000 sqm building (170 meters long and 60 meters wide, 1.5 times a football field).
Cannon Artes scope of supply consists of different stages: pretreatment, desalination, demineralization, condensate polishing and waste water treatment: from high-salinity sea water to ultra-pure demineralized water suitable to feed high-pressure boilers.

The water treatment plant will be fed with Caspian Sea water to produce demineralized water through several steps.
The capacity of the plant is 300 m3/h when seawater is used as feedstock and of 230 m3/h using the return steam condensate from the process.
In the pretreatment section, seawater, after mixing with coagulant and hypochlorite, is sent to Dual Media Filters arranged on a double pass with different filtration rates.
The desalination plant is definitely crucial in the complex, for the process and utilities, because fresh water is not available and it’s taken only from the Caspian Sea.

Desalination is achieved with Reverse Osmosis technology, water is pumped across semipermeable membranes, permeable only to salt-free water, while a concentrate stream collecting all salts is then returned to the sea.

On the other side the desalinated water coming from Reverse Osmosis section proceeds to the demineralization system for removal of residual ions. Such system is arranged on two trains, one cationic and one anionic vessel.

Polishing is the last step for the water treatment system: before feeding the boilers, the demineralized water coming from demineralization section is mixed with the recovered steam condensate coming from the process and undergoes a further treatment with Mixed Bed Exchangers to remove traces of ions and reach an electrical conductivity close to theoretically pure water. Also dissolved silica is reduced down to parts per billion. Cannon Artes’ scope of supply also includes the complete regeneration system of the ion exchangers, which consist of sulfuric acid and caustic soda handling facilities (tanks, dosing pumps, regeneration pumps and dilution system).

Cannon Artes’ supply for this project also included a waste water treatment plant composed by a de-oiling system based on Corrugated Plates Interceptor to remove oil and suspended solids from the contaminated rain water and a neutralization system capable to adjust the pH before discharge.

De-oiling-and-Oily-Emulsion-treatment2, Cannon Artes