Cannon Artes is present right from the beginning of its operations in the Chemical Industry market, assisting even the most demanding customers in the supply of water treatment packages and solutions. A complete package for the production of demi water was supplied to Kemacpo, an important installation in Jordan, set up as a joint venture between Arab Potash Company Ltd. and Kemira, a Global Player Leader in the supply of chemical products for different applications.

The plant consists of a first step of pre-treatment (cartridge filter, Chloridric Acid and Antiscale dosing to prevent salts precipitation on membranes) followed by a single pass of reverse osmosis. A degassing tower is used to remove CO2 from water and reduce anionic load from the water that feeds the mixed bed. The whole system was designed to produce 300 m3/d of water in compliance with limits required for high-pressure steam generator make-up water. The solution was studied in order to minimize water consumption, considering the environmental condition (high Reverse Osmosis Recovery and low uses for regeneration) and chemical use.

Cannon Artes supplied a fully pre-assembled package designed to simplify skid transportation and speed up onsite activities with a high level of Automation developed by the Internal Staff that completely matches customer specific requests. Under the supervision of Cannon Artes’ skilled field Technicians, as expected, the plant overcame the commissioning and start-up without problems.